Cleansing Face Spa
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Cleansing Face Spa

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Are you ready for a skin cleansing experience, like no other!?

Rated the No.1 at home beauty device in the world! 

Here are some benefits:
- Reduced pore appearance
- Improved firmness 
- Effective deep cleansing 
- Increase collagen production
- Lifts, tightens and smooths the skin
- Decreases puffiness and gives clarity
- Increases softness and radiance

Experience brighter, softer, smoother looking skin and an energising facial massage. Simply spend two minutes twice a day to enjoy healthier, youthful looking skin in as little as two weeks.

This kit includes:

• Machine
• Charging stand 
• 1 x Treatment Head (Normal)
• Cleanser

Depending on your skin type, you can choose from one of five available cleansers

• Normal/Combination
• Sensitive 
• Dry
• Oily
• Acne